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1PVC/HBPVC HeaderBag
2C/BColor Box
3W/BWindows Box
5O/COn Cards
6O/HBOpp HeaderBag
7O/BOpp Bag
8DB/CDouble Blister
9N/BNet Bag
11B/CBlister Cards
12PVC/HBPVC Hand Bag
13D/BDisplay Box
14PE/BPE Bag
15P/BPlastic Box
16PL/BPlastic Bucket
18PA/BPaper Bag
19H/CHang Cards
20I/CInsertd Cards

How to obtain a quotation sheet?

If you want to obtain the price list, you should register as member. Please make sure the authenticity of your contact information so that it can be respond within one or two working date. The member after confirmation by us can load as our allowed ID in After landing, you would find quotation and the products’ relevant information.

How to find the products you are interested in effectively and quickly?

In order to make the client look over the products conveniently, there is a special "search" page for the user to search the products on If you want to enter the "search" page, please click the chart of "search". The "search" page is made up of two parts as the following chart shows.

First part: using key word to search.

The user can fill in one item or part of one item of the product's item number, description, species, color, packing, price, cube, weight, length, width, height and so on. And then the user can find the details of the product and order for goods according to the searching result.

Second part: searching according to specific entry.

In the given textbox, the user can fill in one item or part of one item of the product's item number, description, species, color, packing, price, cube, weight, length, width, height and so on. And then you can find the details of the product and can also order for goods according to the searching result.

What does require towards my browser? utilizes the newest techniques and skills of making home pages. It requires that the user had better use the edition of Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0 or Netscape Navigator4.0 or up. When the user logins on, he need to start cookie in his browser. Or the user can't work normally on The user can start cookie in "Tool\Internet Options\Security\Customer Level.... 

Why can't I find products on

In the home page of, you can't see products, but you can see the major category of products. If you want to look over some kind of products, you can look for them in turn according to the category until you find the products. At the same time, if you want to look over some products directly, you can utilize the "search" page and fill in some relevant information to search the products. 

Why can't I look over the quotation sheet?

There are three instances:
1. Cookie hasn't been started. Because utilizes Cookie to validate the user's validity, the invalid user isn't allowed to look over the quotation sheet. At the same time, utilizes Cookie to store up the products' information of the quotation sheet. So the two instances upwards are forbidden and you can't look over the quotation sheet if you haven't started Cookie.
2. You haven't login. Only the validly registered users are allowed to look over the quotation sheet.
3. The time of landing is over. Cookie is set up on at the end of client's sever for the client's convenience. Therefore, in order to protect the clients' space of disk and the users' account numbers, after Cookie being set up long time, it will disappear automatically. If the user wants to look over the quotation sheet, he should land once more. Otherwise, he can't look over the quotation sheet. 

After I quote the price and I don't need some kind of products, but I can't remove it in the quotati

The quotation sheet the user looks over is temporary and hasn't changed into formal contract. After affirms the quotation sheet, it can change into a formal contract. Therefore, if you don't want to purchase these products, you just remark in the quotation sheet or contact our staff to cancel it.

Why is the registration needed when browsing Is there any difference between registrat provides the user with the functions of examining the quotation sheet to place the order directly.
Therefore, it requires that the user should register at first. Only after registration, can track the users' information and serve the users. If the user hasn't registered, he can only browse on without price and can't share the rest service of

How to register on

At bottom of homepage, Enter the "Register" page to click the chart to "join now".

The first step is choosing the user name. The user name consists of letter (a-z, A-Z), number (0-9) or underscore(_), but more 4 and less than 20 characters. The examples of "lucky, lucky_3, lucky3?-" are all valid.

The second step is filling in the detailed information. After the system validates the user name's validity and not being occupied, the user can fill in the detailed information. The user should write down carefully.

After you click the "Register" button to finish registration.

Does it allow others to share my own account number to land on

No. The user's account number is only allowed himself to use. At the same time of the user's landing, if others use the account number to land, they will be regarded as invalid users and couldn't land on the system of

How to search bulk pictures in have function of search picture for every items. In top of homepage, you will find “Search Picture” button. After entering, you can find two charts. First chart is searching for the small picture. Second chart is searching for the big picture. When you write down our company item no one by one (separated them by “,”), then you can submit. It will be display a new page for the required bulk pictures.

Purchase Process

 Apply Member  Login  Select Products  Send Order  Payment  Delivery 


  How to apply to be member?

When you visit the homepage, please click “Apply”, then you can find a new page.Please fill all of your authentic contact information as the required, then put in the validate code as provide before submitting. If your contact info had filled as required, you will find it as below:

Within one or two working days, the webmaster will confirm the ID for you by email.Please check your email.

  How to select items what you want ?

As our member, you can choose any items after login.You can get all of the information of our products when you browse our products’ catalogue.There is a relevant “purchase” button in every products page.You should put the interested item into your shopping cart after clicking the “purchase” button.

  How to send an order list

Select item into the shopping cart – Choose one of FOB term –Fill in the quality per item- Update list – Submit order – Success.(Any question, contact with our staff..)

  How to pay

By L/C or T/T 

  How to delivery

By Sea, By Air, By Express