2.4G R/C Diy Fire Engine 4Ways toys
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Name: 2.4G R/C Diy Fire Engine 4Ways
Item size: 46 x 12 x 21 (CM)
Carton Size: 75 x 49 x 67 (CM)
CBM/CUFT: 0.246 M3 / 8.7 CUFT
Pack: W/B
Inner Box: 2
GW/NW: 20 / 18 (KGS)
Price: Member only
Product Details
10P, EN71, EN62115, ASTM, HR4040, PAHS
2.4G Four-way remote control disassembly and assembly electric drill fire truck
2.4G four-way remote control disassembly car remote control gun and electric drill 2 in 1 dual-use,
2.4G four-way remote control (front, rear, left and right), start-up sound, horn sound, left and right turn warning sound, backward warning sound, with electric screwdriver (remote control dual purpose), manual screwdriver, 4*AA under the car, (battery not included) , Electric screwdriver uses 2*AA (not included). Material ABS plastic and TPR soft rubber tire
Intelligent development of disassembly and assembly toys:
Visual exercise: to develop children's basic grasp of color and shape from an early age, and to handle visual input through some actions
Hands-on ability: Through some fine movements to exercise the finger flexibility of the child, it is conducive to the child's early limb function maturity
Imagination and cognitive ability: Through the child's personal experience, cultivate the child's imagination and creativity to help the child combine abstract concepts or images with real things and develop the brain
Logical thinking ability: help children draw conclusions through reasoning, develop children's statistical, measurement, reasoning, and analysis skills, and stimulate children's logical thinking ability

Achieve the future mechanic-fun disassembly engineering truck
Use tools to explore the fun of disassembly
Children use small tools to dismantle construction vehicles and exercise their practical ability

2034 boxes / 20FT
4230 boxes / 40GP
4968 boxes / 40HQ
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2.4G R/C Diy Fire Engine 4Ways
Price: Member only


2.4G R/C Diy Fire Engine 4Ways
Price: Member only


2.4G R/C Diy Fire Engine 4Ways
Price: Member only


2.4G R/C Diy Fire Engine 4Ways
Price: Member only
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